After-hours Shopping Parties

Want to enjoy a night out with friends, shopping, sipping on your favorite beverage, and just having fun? Our private shopping parties for shopping credit or as a fundraiser (think mission trips, band camp fees, your local pet shelter's spay and neuter fund, etc!) are designed just for you and your friends to enjoy a private shopping experience, while earning you rewards to use yourself or toward a charitable or financial goal you may have!
There are 2 ways to party with us: 
Looking for a fun way to spend time with friends, host a sisterhood event or birthday party, a fun moms' night out mini vaca, or put a unique spin on your organization’s networking opportunities AND shop for your fabulous wardrobe? Experience a more personalized, hands-on way to shop by hosting a private "dress me" party with us, bringing fashion to your fingertips and maximizing social time with friends!  We even let you, our hostess, shop before the party starts and put your items aside!  
And best part....your guests have a chance to win our drawings of the evening, and you receive:
  • 10% of merchandise ticket subtotal (after discounts are applied, before taxes/shipping) sales in free merchandise up to $1000, or
  • 15% for sales over $1000!
Our team is committed to giving back and serving our community!
If you are looking to host a fun and easy fundraising opportunity for your organization or philanthropy, we are your next best friend! 
You and your guests have a chance to win our drawings of the evening, and we will donate:
  • 10% of merchandise ticket subtotal (after discounts are applied, before taxes/shipping) to your chosen organization with up to $100 in sales, or
  • 15% for sales over $1000!


How it works:

  1. Decide if you want an online-only event or an "online and after-hours in-person" combo event (minimum of 5 RSVPs are required for all after-hours in-person events), and if you want a jewelry-making class added to your event - these classes are fun and give your guests a fun take-away item AND an experience they will remember!
  2. We will provide basic refreshments (small charcuterie board, a sweet treat, and a beverage.  Anything else you want to bring to share is up to you!
  3. Once your request is received (follow the form link below), we'll message you with more info and to confirm your requested date!
  4. We will set up an event on Facebook, and you invite your peeps!