VIP New Item Preview Flash Sale

Thanks again for shopping our recent incoming apparel preview flash sale on Facebook!  I hope you had fun shopping! You may access your flash sale purchases by clicking on your name below.

Before checking out...

*  LOG IN TO YOUR STORE ACCOUNT to reap rewards points for your online presale payments (and any add-on items you add to your cart).
Don't have a rewards account? Sign up for one via the "rewards program" tab at the bottom of any page on our website! It is FREE to join, and you'll earn points toward your future online purchases...a TOTAL win-win!!!

* You are welcome to continue shopping the website and adding tops, more leggings, accessories, or Lipsense Family products to your order (shop Lipsense by browsing our Lipsense photo albums and messaging me with what you would like added to your order) and get more bang for your shipping buck! 

* Presale purchases must be paid by MONDAY at 10AM. Unpaid orders will be put in a 48-hour hold area as a courtesy on Monday morning.  Invoices will be deleted and sale pricing will be forfeited after the 48 hour hold is up, and your reserved items offered to wait-listers or boutique visitors. Sorry, but there are no exceptions and no extensions!!! 

* Paying invoices online is better for most folks than paying in-store, since the items will not be available for pick-up until NEXT WEEK and a second trip will likely be needed. But, if you want to come in twice, we'd love to visit with you! 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE..... take a minute to POST WHAT YOUR RECEIVE to our VIP FB group and INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHO LIKES LEGGINGS to join our VIP Facebook group at - the more members we have, the more often we can offer you NEW INVENTORY and SPECIAL EVENTS like this!!!

THANK YOU so much for your support of my independently-owned small business!!!

Queen Bee,